This Is Us.


Valley Meadows is a family owned business run by Michael and Sheri Tell, together with their daughter Stephanie Tell, and other helpful family members on a rotating basis.

Mike, pictured here in his absolute element, brings the ingenuous engineering (think MacGyver), enduring muscle, and never-failing consistency in caretaking the beautiful sanctuary he's created over the last 25 years.


The Tell family property has been the site for innumerable weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, and holiday get-togethers for family and friends alike over the last 20 years. These special memories are what inspires us to make Valley Meadows a beautiful and tranquil setting for your own joy-filled day.

Sheri, who rarely hits the dance floor but brings it when she does, also brings a million small touches, kinds words, remembering to check the [fill in the blank], and encouraging energy. She is the source of calm, kind, and comfort that you feel at Valley Meadows.

Stephanie brings bits of the overarching vision, business structure, web/tech skills, landscaping efforts and gardening upkeep, and will be the main point of contact leading up to your wedding day. She's the one you'll reach when you call, text, or email Valley Meadows, and she loves helping people achieve their dream event!

We are a family business for a reason.

Together, we make a great team because our skillsets are complimentary, we legitimately enjoy working together, and we experience true happiness and gratitude seeing new family memories being made at Valley Meadows each summer.

Valley Meadows Weddings & Events